Funeral & Cremation Services

Direct Cremation and Cremation Services in Houston, TX

Our Direct Cremation Includes:

~No Hidden Fees
~Our professional staff is available 24 hours – 7 days a week
~Initial consultation at our facility
~Transportation from the place of death (First 50 miles)
~Transportation to and from the crematory
~Fiberboard cremation container required by the crematory
~Refrigeration prior to the cremation
~Crematory Fee
~Durable plastic temporary urn (Many others available)
~Approximate time for entire completion is 5-7 business days
~Obtaining, signing and filing the death certificate on your behalf
~Obtaining the cremation permit required by city and state
~Ordering the number of Certified Copies you request

Please call for pricing and additional information. 281-497-2121

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Additional  charges  that  may  be  required:

~ Transportation over the first 50 miles at $2.75 per additional mile

~ Harris County ME charges a $20.00 fee. Varies by County

~ State of Texas charges $20.00/1st copy & $3.00/each additional for Certified Death Certificates

~ Persons weighing over 250lbs. a charge starting at $225.00 and up will be billed for personnel, transportation and/or equipment                                                                       

~ Viewing for identification requested will be billed at $195.00 - 1 hour

~ A General Price List of all our charges will be provided to you

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