We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

Born to be a helper, Ginny Reper earned advanced degrees and helped scores of people at her company offices. Spiritually focused, she read widely and pursued a deeper understanding of life and Christianity. She was well-loved by 20 members of Exploring Spiritual Community, a group that is still functioning after 30-some years. A truly lovely woman and great mother and wife.

Barbara Burr April 17, 2021

On the 6 month anniversary of our Mom’s funeral, David reached out to our family to offer continued support. Not a surprise gesture, as David was genuinely companionate and attentive to our every concern during that difficult time. As the head of a family-run business, David’s approach is truly intimate and personal; it’s not a corporate setting. We were given great peace of mind. As my sister said, ‘Mom would’ve loved him’. On behalf of our family, thank you. David.

Susan R Doherty March 08, 2021

Mr. David Dettling – Thank you so very much for your kindness and professionalism in handling mom’s death and service. Your services exceeded any and all expectations I had. The ease and manner to which you assisted my family through these days is so very much appreciated. The respect and dignity shown by you and your staff is also much appreciated. The service you provided was not only spiritual, but beautiful as well. Great Job! Again from our family to you and your staff I say—thank you. _Family

_ Family December 01, 2017

Dear David & Family, We wanted to thank you all for your organization, support, help, compassion, kindness – the list goes on at the most vulnerable and painful time of our lives. We could not have navigated our way without you. The Memorial Service was perfect and we smiled that no-one wore any “black” attire. Your professionalism is unparalleled and we cannot thank you enough. Our warm wishes to you,

_ Family August 07, 2017

Dear David and Family, I want to thank you for all that you did for myself and my family to provide a perfect funeral and a wonderful tribute and honor to my husband. We are so grateful to the detail you all took that everything was so perfect. Again, thank you for honoring my husband and blessing our family. Family


Thank you so much for participating in the Westside High School Shattered Dreams Program. We would not be able to offer this life-saving program without your help. Thanks for being such a great community partner. Blake Lynch, Harris Health System

Westside High School / Harris Health System May 02, 2017

Dear David, I wanted to take this time to thank you and the staff for all of the kindness they showed our family at the time of my brother’s funeral. It was a difficult time for us and you went “over the top” to make it easier for us. God bless you, Family

Private February 14, 2017

Mr. Dettling, I want to thank you for the care you showed with my father. You are doing a fellow Cougar was such a benefit. The thoughtfulness of the Carnations … I am so glad we spoke to you before dad’s passing….Your assistance and suggestions were very helpful and made the funeral process so much easier. The video you put together was great! Again, Thank You for making the funeral so much easier. Respectfully, Family

Private November 16, 2016

Dear David, I appreciate the manner of kindness and compassion you showed my family in our time of need. May God bless you. Family


Dear David, Our deepest Thanks for such a lovely, heartfelt & personal memorial service. As my family noted the difference between our father’s and mother’s funerals was like night & day. Your attention to detail with the flowers, memorial dvd, motorcade, and in speaking with us, made all the difference to us. We all felt that we could really enjoy the service because we knew you had everything taken care of. Sincerely, Family


Dear Mr. Dettling, We have been thinking about the funeral and all the arrangements you assisted us with. You made the total process so easy. Every person you recommended was so caring and professional. Without your knowledge and professional funeral services many families would be distraught. Everything was beautiful. Grandma looked beautiful and at peace. …Take Care. Sincerely, Family


Dear David, Thank you for your help this past week. You and your staff really made the whole process easier for my family and for me. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered.


Dear David, On behalf of the family, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you, your family and staff for the way Dettling Funeral Home handled the funeral services for our mother. Your professionalism, attention to detail and sensitivity in our time of grief were excellent. We had called on your services twice before and were very satisfied. The service you provided for our mother was beautiful and exceeded our expectations. It is always difficult to part with a loved one and a mother is very high on the list of loved ones. The excellence of your services went a long way to easing the pain of parting while remembering our mother in a loving and dignified manner. Well done and thank you. Yours truly, Family

Private October 26, 2016

David and Staff, Thank you for all of the care and compassion for my father’s funeral. We appreciate all of the details you attended to that are difficult to focus on when grieving. You made the whole process so much less painful and the funeral visitation and mass were beautiful. For this we are thankful for you. Sincerely, Family

Private September 12, 2016

Dear David, Everything you did made my husband’s funeral perfect. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Family

Private August 29, 2016

David, I can’t thank you enough for the lovely send off of my sweet father. He would be so proud and I know he is smiling. Your dignity, professionalism and kindness was top notch! I know why my mom went straight to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Private August 19, 2016

Dear David, Just a note to thank you for the very professional and thorough manner in which my Mother’s funeral was handled. We could not have asked for more. You thought of everything and responded quickly to all our requests and concerns. Although, funerals are never pleasant, it was so much easier to know we had you to lean on. At the vigil service it felt like we were in our own home. Thank you so much for your many kindnesses. Family

Private March 25, 2016

Dear David, Thank you so much for your help during such a difficult time. You really helped to ease my fears and anxiety during such a highly complicated intersection of my life. Your professionalism and attention to detail is so greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Family

Private February 15, 2016

Dear David, There are no words to express my heartfelt thanks for the sympathy you have extended toward our family during this time of loss. We would have also been lost without you guidance. On behalf of my family, I offer you our most sincere gratitude. Sincerely, Family

Private January 11, 2016

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful way you conducted the visitation & funeral and you kindness to our family. With gratitude, Family

Private April 20, 2015

With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks for all your help and support. I have received numerous comments on the exceptional services and reception. Thank you for making a difficult time easier.

Cawley Family September 01, 2012

Dettling Funeral Home/David, thank you for your care and compassion during the loss of our mother and wife. Your attention to detail and the seamless of the services were outstanding. Thank you for lightening our burden during our time of loss and sadness. Blessings.

Hodde Family November 28, 2012

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Dettling, It has taken me a while to write this. Grief has you down so many roads and this certainly has been a journey. Thank you so much for a beautiful meaningful way my mother received. When we talk about her funeral they are good memories because so many people like you cared.


David, Deanne and Shawn, I want to express my appreciation to all of you for helping us create a lovely memorial service for our beloved father and friend. The atmosphere was one of support, warmth and comfort and everything we beautifully done. I believe the three of you truly helped us to make the service the "Celebration" of his life that we wanted it to be. Should I ever have the opportunity to recommend a funeral home, it will DEFINITELY be yours. Thank you very much for everything.

Margulis Family March 12, 2012

Dear Mr. Dettling, Thank you for your kind and generous attention to me and too my family members during our time of sadness. Losing Mother was expected at some point, but I don't think we were really ready emotionally. The arrangements for it all was just perfect and even better because we didn't have to face the rain. Mother just wanted some "special attention" and she got it. Thank you for the use of your chapel. The setting was lovely and the red, white and gray all blended beautifully. Your extra arrangements added the right touch. Once again, thank you and your assistants for making this difficult time meaningful and peaceful, Thanks for your care!

Harrison Family January 16, 2012

David, Please let Deanne and everyone know how wonderful the funeral service and luncheon was for MeMe. It was absolutely perfect for mom. The video of photos were such a great touch. Everything was relaxing, warm and soothing. We wish you all the best and the funeral home is beautiful.

Ditta Family September 30, 2010

David, I want to "Thank You" for all that you did. We greatly appreciated the fact that we were able to see Dad one last time - especially for our brother who was out of town until Saturday. I take great comfort each time I read the verse "When I must Leave You" - I can hear my Dad saying those words, Then I flip it over and there's his smiling face from their 50th Anniversary just the year before.

Hostak Family September 04, 2010

Dear David, during a time like this we learn how much our friends mean to us. Thank you for your wonderful assistance too all of us.Thank you for your generous donation to the York Children's Foundation.

Ross Family May 03, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Dettling, Thank you so much for everything you did to make the process as easy on our family as possible. We sincerely appreciate all of your help and guidance. Tuesday was perfect and was extremely comforting to all of us. Thanks again. Shawn, Thank you so much for somehow getting us through last week. Your presence was a comfort and blessing to us all. Tuesday was perfect and beautiful as a result of all your help and guidance. Thank you for comforting us during our sorrow and making us laugh and keeping us all moving forward when we each hit our road blocks. My Mom has said many times she couldn't have gotten through it without you - which after the initial "hand in face" is saying A LOT :) THANK YOU SHAWN !! All our love and appreciation.

Simon Family February 09, 2011

With love ❤️ in our hearts and memories for eternity on our minds. We, all that new Frank Granados Jr. and his keen humor, his funny come back jokes, his generous compassion, love for his family and God. Rest with God, Frank in “Jesus name” Amen.

Jesse & Aletha Aranda March 12, 2021

I would like to express my most sincere thanks and appreciation for the great service you provided for my father’s funeral on Jan 3, 2021. From the moment I met with you and toured your facility, I knew you would exceed my expectations. Your professionalism, knowledge and caring sympathy was first class and that is what my father deserved first class service.

Reyna Morlen January 19, 2021

Dear Mr. Dettling: My family and I want to thank you and your staff for the very smooth, efficient and courteous manner in which your organization handled all the arrangements and details leading up to and including the funeral of my beloved wife Nancy. You and your staff took a tremendous amount of load off of me and my family during our hours of bereavement. I particularly appreciated the opportunity you afforded to me and our children to say a final and private goodbye to Nancy. Several of our friends remarked to me and the children how lovely the service and arrangements were. Once again, my family and I want to extend to you and your staff our very sincere thanks for all the help and assistance provided to us during a very sorrowful time of our lives. Sincerely yours, Gordon Edwards

Gordon Edwards December 18, 2017

Dear Dettling Family, I was very pleased with the Celebration of Life your funeral home gave for my sister. Every detail was exactly right. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Family

Private July 11, 2017

David, With much appreciation for all you’ve done. Warmest Regards, Family

Private May 03, 2017

Mr. Dettling & Dettling Funeral Home employees – Thank you so much for your kindness during this difficult time. I appreciate all you have done and the attention to detail in the funeral. My mother would have loved the services and I am grateful we chose ya’ll! You went above my expectations and for that I am grateful. Catherine Chavez


Dear David – This is long overdue but I will never be able to thank you and your family/staff enough for the beautiful and compassionate way you handled my mother’s visitation/funeral and burial. You relieved us of so much anxiety about the whole process. And I will treasure the DVD. We watched it with friends on Saturday night – and it was truly a celebration of mom’s beautiful life. I am so glad that you have found this calling and are using it so beautifully! Christ’s Peace, Deirdre and Tom Workman


Thank you for helping make my mom’s service so special. I appreciate your kindness. God Bless, Family

Private November 03, 2016

Dear David, From the moment we walked through the door we knew we were with family – you and your staff are beyond reproach. Thank You, Family


Many thanks for your thoughtfulness. Thank you for all you have done form me.


Dear David, We wanted to let you know how beautiful the funeral vigil was and funeral home accommodations for the family were perfect. I personally was prepared completely to lose my grandmother…you made this so smooth for us at a very difficult time for me. You chose the best people for every presentation. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Family


Dear David and Staff, I cannot thank you enough for everything you did for mom and our family. You made sure every “t” was crossed and every “i” was dotted. Mom looked beautiful and her funeral was exquisite! You made us feel like family! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Sincerely, Family

Private November 03, 2016

David and Staff, I want to personally thank you for everything you have done to make the passing of my dad a precious time. Because of all you all have done to ease and every carry the burden of arrangements, we have been able to truly celebrate my dad’s life! With love & appreciation, Family

Private October 20, 2016

On behalf of the Houston Cenacle Sisters, thank you for your gracious care of our beloved Sister Pat. We are grateful that she entrusted her funeral wishes into your very capable hands. This allowed us to attend to our grief more freely and to celebrate her entrance into eternal life with genuine joy. Because of your care, we also were able to minister to Sister Pat’s family and the Cenacle public in their grief. David, we are so grateful to you and your staff. I am sure that Sr. Pat will watch over you from her new home in heaven. God bless you all! Houston Cenacle Sisters

Houston Cenacle Sisters September 26, 2016

David, Thanks for being so responsive to my brother’s needs.


David, Thank you so much for handling my nephew’s cremation. I so appreciate it. Thank You for being available at 4 am! I will always use you for funerals & refer you too. Sincerely, Family

Private April 15, 2016

Dear David, Thank you so much for all your extra help with putting my dad’s funeral together. Everyone told me how nice and comfortable they felt at your Funeral Home. You came to the hospital the day he died and you were there until we had all left. Please know how much that meant to me. It was all those “extras” that you and your wife and staff put into everything that made it all so special. He was my dad and I love & miss him so much already. I am so grateful that you made everything exactly how he would have loved it!!!!!!!! Love, Family

Private March 11, 2016

Dear David, Thank you so much for your care and assistance both before and after our mother’s death. Your kindness, support and efficiency made a difficult process infinitely easier. Everything, down to the smallest detail was perfect and your presence throughout the process was very comforting. With great appreciation, Family

Private January 15, 2016

Dear David, How I thank you for your kindness and professionalism shown to me before and after my husband’s death. From the time I just spoke with you until I called you months later on transporting his ashes-- I knew arrangements would be made in a timely and respectful manner. Thank you for handling the flowers, catering and Memorial Service in Houston. It was beautifully done…. you and your staff were so much a part of the Lord’s gracious provision for my family and me during a difficult and stressful time. Thank you for contributing to His peace and loving care. Sincerely, Family


David, we are so grateful that you took care of John’s funeral. You made everything so much easier. They will be at rest with all that you contributed. It’s never easy to lose a loved one, but you all made it special. Thank you so much. Family


My sister and I will be forever grateful for the care and compassion you showed us during a very difficult time. You helped us honor our dad with grace and dignity and I will be reminded of that every time I think of him. I know your job is not easy but I also know that God put you in this role to assist those of us in need. Thank you again.

Paul Family

Dear David, Deanne and staff, thank you very much for all that you have done for our family. We appreciate your kind guidance as we made decisions regarding the funeral and burial.

Tufaro Family August 01, 2012

Dear David, I just want to try and tell you how grateful we all are for the services you so compassionately and professionally provided for our family last week. Mom's funeral was beautiful and meaningful and your care and attention to details made it such that there is not a thing we would have done differently. When we walked in saw the framed pictures displayed in such a loving way, the amazing photo DVD montage on the flat screens and how beautiful and peaceful she looked in her casket. I was simply filled with gratitude for all of you. Please also express our thanks to the others on your staff. It was apparent to all of us that this profession is not just a job for you, but rather a calling. We applaud you for your effort to take this very personal professional service back to the "FAMILY BUSINESS" model, from the impersonal corporate model that seems to pervade the industry. My brothers and I would consider it a privilege to wholeheartedly recommend your funeral home to other families seeking an excellent Funeral Director.

Davis Family April 23, 2012

Dearest David, Deanne and Staff, I just wanted to thank you all once again for providing our family and my sister's friends and visitors with such superb services and gently, unobtrusive guidance through the protocols of events surrounding her death and interment. You all were consummate professionals and yet relaxed and friendly which made us relax as well - certainly the optimal mood on such an occasion. I, for one looked forward to Shawn's wonderful sense of humor. He is a great asset to your business. The flowers were gorgeous as was the ambiance and your attention to the smallest details, e.g., homemade cookies, glasses instead of plastic, pristine powder rooms. Small details that are really HUGE! I have always felt that a job well done should be acknowledged and highly praised. It was my great pleasure meeting you all. Best of luck in the future!

Kuhn Family February 18, 2012

David, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you, your family, Bonnie and everyone else who helped to make my mother's visitation and funeral service memorable. You help us tremendously to move smoothly through the "nuts & bolts" to ensure that everything that needed done was accomplished.

Kralik Family November 16, 2011

The kindness you exhibited at my daughters memorial service was exemplary - and much appreciated.

Chervnsik Family September 26, 2011

Thank you for providing an intimate and loving service and burial for our brother. Your calm demeanor, kindness, and thoughtfulness made the funeral peaceful and smooth. Please also express our thanks to your entire staff and your lovely wife. We also thank you for your wise selection of the Pastor. We received many compliments on his sermon and your beautiful funeral home,

Keiser Family May 16, 2010

Thank You. Two small words for such a BIG feeling. Your kindness ~ really made a difference.... Your thoughtfulness ~ really touched our hearts.... The gratitude I feel really cant be put into words. Thanks again for all you did taking care of my mom and her funeral arrangements, It was absolutely beautiful!

Gage Family April 01, 2011